WhatWeHaveUnlearned is meant just to be, a simple draft of my own ideas and other biological, cognitive, robotic topics I found interesting. I feel passionate about cognition and brain functioning. I’m interested in understanding how mental processes work, why evolution seems to develop towards a better understanding of the environment through cognition and perception and how we might be able to achieve the development of better autonomous intelligent agents, that could work without today’s supervision.

WhatWeHaveUnlearned is based on a simple or maybe complex idea. Find and evolutionary explanation of the concept of cognition and perception and try to apply those patterns in a way than can help us develop better machines.

WhatWeHaveUnlearned is my own genuine idea. I believe humans have lost some kind of perception that other animals have not, maybe because the evolution of language and abstract concepts. Brains capabilities to synthesise really complex environmental patterns into really simple ones, has helped us boost our capabilities, but we have lost others in the proccess.

So WhatWeHaveUnlearned refers to those capabilities we have lost compared to other animals due to evolutionary facts.

Alberto González Martínez


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